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A Squad Called Savage

We pride ourselves on only using the best quality equipment from Iron Edge, TRX, Aussie Strength and many others.

All our trainers can assist you with Nutrition guidance. Book a free consultation to find out how we can help you in all aspects of your wellness.

Feel free to use our complementary towels, shower in our beautiful bathrooms stocked with Asop products

A Sweat and Strength program that runs every 6 weeks - hit your goals fast with the help of our expert trainers

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As the mornings and evenings get lighter, we start to think about beach holidays and how we want to feel this summer. Group training gives you the extra encouragement, boost your need to get up and active, while keeping your health and fitness goals in check. We run 6 week programs ongoing to help with keeping you accountable and on track with the help of our trainers and coaches.

Motivation 00%
Structure 00%
Accountability 00%
Fun 00%

JUMP! with Rakena

Fun, cool workout to funky hip-hop tunes. really worked up a sweat skipping.

BOX TECH with Freddy

Freddie really would push you to the limit. Awesome workout

SWEAT with Josh

Challenging but worth it once you finish

STRONG - LOWER with Erika

Erika's class was brilliant! she monitored for form and made sure people were doing the moves safely and correctly, which I appreciated. it was a brilliant workout. can't wait to do it again.

STRONG - LOWER with Erika

Another brilliant lower body blitz with Erika. she really knows how to hit all the lower body spots us girls want!! second time going to this class and now addicted!!

CORE CUTS with Justin

Great instructor, always a challenging workout

STRONG with Kenny

Fun and challenging! Circuit style workout with lots of variety

ATHLETICA with David

Smokin studio, hot trainer and a sizzling workout... Im on actual fire

Take Charge Of Your Life

Keep on top of whats new in the health and fitness industry. We love brining you the best in fitness and what we can do for you to keep your fitness journey on point and to continue hitting your goals