36 classes in 36 days. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Starting Saturday 15th Feb and finishing Saturday 28th March your goal is to attend 36 classes, that’s 6 sessions per week for 6 weeks. Do doubles, classes back to back, what ever it takes for you to hit your 36 class goal.

We all know your’e completive so we have created a special challenge wall where you can mark off your sessions and keep track of your goal. We will reward prizes to members who hit the 36 class goal, but your biggest reward will be how you will feel at the end of the 6 weeks.

We suggest you give up one vice over the 6 weeks. It might be drinking alcohol, too much sugar, too much coffee or just not being able to turn off your phone in the evening. These 6 weeks are where you can make positive changes. Time to get in gear for summer!!

Price:  $420 upfront or $70 per week

“The Challenge” upfront Program Fee – Book on the app or
“The Challenge” Weekly Membership  (only available through website as start date is set for first payment 17.02.20)


More questions contact us : Send an email to or fill in the form below

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Plan your week

Before you start decide 1. Whats your goal over the next 6 weeks. Build lean muscle, loose body fat, increase fitness, or even feel healthier. It might be all of the above. Next 2. Choose classes at are going to help you achieve your goals faster. For example you might want to gain lean muscle, I suggest joining and booking into the build classes 3 days a week then the lift classes 3 days a week to get the most of of strength training. You might want to loose body fat, id then suggest the shred, boxing and train insane classes. 3. Look at diet, where can you improve, what can you cut out and what types of food does your body need to hit you goals.

  • 1. Set a goal for the 6 weeks
  • 2. Plan your classes weekly to ensure they are going to help you achieve your goals
  • 3. Nutrition what does your body need and what can you cut

Schedule everything into your Calendar

There is no point planning your week if you forget what you planned for in the middle of the week. Thus, scheduling everything into your calendar and sync it across all devices is extremely crucial.

Let peers and workout buddys know your schedule so they hold you accountable if you don’t turn up. Plan to do classes together so that your more motivated to not cancel.

Plan your Week before it Starts

I plan for planning time (how ironic) on my weekends so I can get a head start of the week. If I know how my week will look like by the time I am in the office on Monday morning, I am not only more focused on actually getting my work done but also a lot less stressed. Furthermore, by pro-actively blocking time in my calendar y training times,I am a lot less likely to say “YES” to random lunch invites, projects or after-work activities that are not aligned with my priorities.

Block in rest and me time

Make sure each week you are blocking into your schedule “me time” it might be watching your favourite Netflix show, reading a book, going for a walk or even just taking a sunday nap. Its important you give yourself me time each week to relax and rewind.